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by Leo on 2011-02-24

Business is tough. Competition is brutal. The vast majority of small businesses fail within their first year of existence. You have to stand out in this crowd, think outside of the box.

So much pressure… It’s making me hungry. Guess what… Here’s an idea – make my business card edible!

Of course I will have to solve a minor conundrum – how on Earth will they contact me if they eat my business card? Oh, well, I’ll figure something out.

Behold! I present you a three-course gourmet meal cooked up entirely with edible business cards.

1. Appetizers

Of course, the Japanese… Arigatou Co., Ltd., a company specializing in the sale of laser-etched food products, offers “Taberu Me” edible business cards printed on peanuts.

Taberu Me cards are created using Arigatou’s high-grade CO2 laser engraver nicknamed “Shiawase-kun,” which can etch up to 700 characters per second on hard organic materials like beans, nuts, rice and pasta and which has been optimized to print clean-looking logos, names and telephone numbers on the irregular surfaces of peanut shells.

Product name… Taberu means “eat” and Me could be an abbreviation of meishi (“business card”). Unless it’s just “me” in English. “Eat me” may not necessarily be the message you want to convey to your new business partner at the first meeting. Regardless, a set of 150 Taberu Me cards costs 5,800 yen (around $50), which is mere peanuts considering the lasting impression you will make on your new counterparts.

2. Main course

It’s the dog-eat-dog world out there, my carnivores! $29.95 for 4 cards.

When meat meets lasers… Epic. No, I don’t want fries with that.

I would LOVE to exchange cards with PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk. Just to see her face when I hand her a piece of beef jerky laser-etched with my name.

3. Desserts

Cookies. A sweet way to get the word out about your business. Graham crackers enrobed in Belgian white chocolate and decorated with a 100% edible image of your business card. 12 for $3.05

Chocolate. Enough said.

What the heck… More cookies.

Made for a bakery located in Mumbai, as wisely suggested on the thing itself. The cards are baked fresh every 10 day or so and then passed around at local cafes & delis to snack on and promote the bakery.

4. Still hungry?

For you adventurous eaters out there. Devour a card made of… no none knows what.

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by RaShell on 2010-02-15

Well, if you liked the road art that we showed you earlier, you will definitely enjoy these unusual sewer decorations.
Original underfoot creations by Project 6emeia grace the sewage holes of S�o Paulo.
Some of them are simply cute:

Some show a bit of satire in them:

Quite a few make use of the objects sticking out of the ground nearby…

Many are just brilliantly-clever, like this one:

And there are many-many more pictures for you to admire here, unless you’d like to take a sewage tour of Brazil in person. 😉

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by Leo on 2010-02-11

Bullet points from my art portfolio:

  • Oil on canvas. Been there.
  • Charcoal on plywood. Done that.
  • Crayons on the wall. Deeply satisfying, but primitive.
  • Urine on fresh snow. Seasonal, still perfecting my technique. Doesn’t leave much to imagination. Besides, being limited to just one color is boring. This coming winter I’ll start experimenting with drinking artificially colored beverages. In theory, a mixture of pineapple and grape Fanta should produce a nice emerald green shade.
  • Finger on a dirty car? Oh, God, I can’t possibly imagine anything as ridiculously banal as “Wash me!”… No, wait, I take that back.? Totally forgot about people taking their pathetic pictures pretending they’re holding the Leaning Tower of Piza from crushing down. Say “Cheeeeesy”!
  • Spray paint on Winky Dink, the neighbor’s cat! Please don’t ask. Misdemeanor…

Time to refresh, start a new trend, burn my name into the history of art forever.

This is my trigger-happy answer to anyone who has the nerve to question the multitude of my talents. Try rendering a perfect butterfly with six rounds out of Desert Eagle .44 Magnum.

Go ahead, take your best shot (pun not intended) and let me see you produce a masterpiece of this caliber. Two bad puns in one sentence… my new personal low. I’ll just drive to the range and shoot myself my self-portrait with AK-47.

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by Leo on 2010-02-11

I’m sitting here with my Movado in one hand and a screwdriver in another. Why, you wonder?

Nope, I’m not going to doodle on the wristband.

Nope, I love my watch.

Nope, my watch is not broken. Yet.

I’m having my life flash before my eyes. My mom used to call me The Destroyer when I was five. The urge to take things apart was (and still is) bigger than me. The things were not meant to be taken apart by 5-year-olds, so this usually was the end of the things.

Thanks to Jose Geraldo Reis Pfau I’m about to dismember my watch. Which may or may not lead to turning it into a piece of art. The Brazilian is good. Just look at his miniature motorcycle sculptures constructed out of watch parts. Captivating…

Somebody tell me where I can get some junk watches… Before it’s too late!

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by RaShell on 2010-02-10

Black Sharpie Pen+White Shiny Lamborghini=Tattooed Cardoodle

More pictures of this doodling wonder of the auto world here. Enjoy :-)

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by simonwild.com on 2010-02-05

Hello, everybody. This is my first post as a guest doodler, so I thought? I would share some work from one of my sketch books. This image was created during those times where I am not concentrating too hard but just allowing the mind to wander.? It’s a process I keep coming back to and it seems to work for me. Hope you like the image and I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

� Simon Wild


From Doodlage: Simon is a man of few words, but he’s a man of many colors. With a very unique style, indeed! Read more? and make sure to check out his website. Welcome to Doodlage, Simon!

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