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by Leo on 2007-03-22

Alright… I’ve been asked this question several times already. First off – let’s give? proper credit where it belongs. I DID NOT create that owl. It was professionally doodled (and I don’t mean? this in a derogatory way)? by Keri Smith? – an accomplished artist with her own philosophy. Here’s the the thing… I’m a […]

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by Leo on 2007-03-19

… do I? Don’t know where this? thing came from. It started? as a dot in the middle of the page. Wondering if anybody out there? is? willing to volunteer a few square inches of skin to have this tattooed? I’d prefer hot girl’s lower back,? otherwise I’ll have to settle for biker’s shoulder.

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by Leo on 2007-03-15

…or a perfect recipe to get your creative juices flowing. I’ve recently discovered something truly amazing. All you need is: one unbearably boring three-hour-long meeting; one big cup of coffee. Flavor of your choice. NO DECAF! a day planner; a pen. Stare at the wall in the direction where a bright beam of light projects […]

Posted at: March 15th, 2007 - 1:38 pm - Number of Comments » 4