just monkeying around…

by Leo on 2007-03-19

… do I?
Don’t know where this? thing came from. It started? as a dot in the middle of the page.

Wondering if anybody out there? is? willing to volunteer a few square inches of skin to have this tattooed? I’d prefer hot girl’s lower back,? otherwise I’ll have to settle for biker’s shoulder.

March 19th, 2007 at 7:07 pm
6 Responses to “I don’t need a shrink…”
  1. 1
    Jake Yunker Says:

    What about the underside of my fore-arm? Would you be ok with that?

  2. 2
    Leo Says:

    Sure, Jake!
    Help yourself. Send me a photo when you’re done.

  3. 3
    ender Says:

    oooooo … me likee!

  4. 4
    sudiegirl Says:

    That’s cool!

  5. 5
    music Says:

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  6. 6
    starstarstar Says:

    wow. :)