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by RaShell on 2008-05-29

Oh, it’s hard to return to bleak “normal” reality from the all-inclusive food paradise… Nobody seems to be eager to bring you a Mimosa with your breakfast. And who’s gonna make that breakfast, anyways? No spicy paella for lunch, no cherry pie for desert after fancy dinner…. Ooo, and don’t get me started on the […]

Posted at: May 29th, 2008 - 11:04 am - Number of Comments » 6

by RaShell on 2008-05-28

I wanted to become an artist and all I got was older. Little tongue-in-cheek morsels of wisdom, spilled onto the backs of business cards by Hugh McLeod, the blogger behind the Microsoft’s Blue Monster mentioned here. Add to that some neat-looking doodles = me like…Hugh McLeod

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by RaShell on 2008-05-27

Feel free to say you’ve missed me 😉 Mexico is truly a doodler’s paradise. Just one look around and you are inspired: I was definitely not wasting any time over there… by the pool… in the sand… under the palm-tree-branch-covered palapas and near the bright blue ocean! Since keeping paper sand-free and most importantly – […]

Posted at: May 27th, 2008 - 1:43 pm - Number of Comments » 10

by RaShell on 2008-05-15

Sidestory. I was in the gym a few weeks ago (yeah, very funny :)) and grabbed a copy or Entertainment Weekly in a weak attempt of self-entertainment while climbing the imaginary steps to health and prosperity. So, I open the magazine in the middle, and what do I see? Of course, doodles galore, all over […]

Posted at: May 15th, 2008 - 10:05 am - Number of Comments » 3

by RaShell on 2008-05-14

Hey, hard to believe it’s been a week. I like it a lot, even though unfortunately I didn’t get to participate in all themes, it’s been fun!!! I’ve spotted quite a few dedicated doodlers out there Special thanks to stickfiguregrrl Laura and her doodlebuddy Claire for their ideas and dedication. Hopefully it will become a […]

Posted at: May 14th, 2008 - 1:54 pm - Number of Comments » 2

by RaShell on 2008-05-13

Today is the Day 6 of Doodle Week and I shamelessly chose to hide behind somebody else’s doodles again. For the Abstract Theme of the Day I would like to introduce you to some big colorful abstract doodles that will surely brighten your rooms and your mood 😉 Here’s a good example of how making […]

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