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by Masha on 2008-06-17

My doodles usually reflect my state of mind and I can usually remember what I was thinking when I did a drawing. The drawings become a sort of alternative to minutes. I’ve just come home from three days of meetings in Durban. All-day-long meetings. This time round I did most of my doodling between meetings, at the bead & breakfast. Looking back on these, I’m not sure what I should conclude:

There ain’t no easy way was done before the first meeting.
And this one was on the last day…

Most of them were sort of “calming” drawings in preparation for this technique for creating repeat patterns. I got the link from Heather’s blog. Its a really great tutorial, you should go have a look. I intend to turn these two drawings below into repeat patterns.

Do you find you can concentrate better when doodling? That is my standard excuse. Or is it an escape in tense or boring meetings? It does tend to distract the people sitting next to me…

Looking further back in my little book of doodles, I find some I had forgotten about. I dont think I did these in meetings. Or I hope not. Many of them seem to feature telephones and calendars. They remind me a bit of a fabulous book on “outsider art” my sister Marijke showed me.

Outsider art is not created in the professional world of artists and galleries. The “outsider artists” often don’t consider themselves to be artists at all. They create for other reasons. Some of it is by people who were, or who were thought to be insane. One unforgettable example is Adolf Wolfi. He is the emperor of doodling. I’m not up to facing a image search for “outsider art” tonight, so images of his work will have to wait to some other post…

Thanks to RaShell for inviting me to post. I usually write about drawing, illustration, books and more such things at Masha at Nightcity.

June 17th, 2008 at 10:29 am
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