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by RaShell on 2008-06-16

…Six Questions about Graphic Design.I’m sure you’ve noticed, I never play tags, memes or whatever other silly games bloggers seem to entice each other with (no offense, it’s just not my cup of tea). Honestly… This one I couldn’t pass on because it was fun for me personally to read what others answered and truly, […]

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by RaShell on 2008-06-13

Disclamer: No citrus or any other fruit were hurt, damaged or otherwise eaten during in the process of drawing of this project. Russian artists are protesting the conceptual design presented by the famous Foster & Partners’ to replace an old Soviet-era-style building. I have to admit, although I absolutely love and adore the drawings, admire […]

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by RaShell on 2008-06-12

While reading this article about role of sketching in the design process from one of my favorite design blogs – psdtuts.com, I came across a name of a designer, who’s sketch books look like doodler’s nirvana! Sherrie Thai has worked as a Senior Graphic Designer on some serious projects for some serious clients. And she […]

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by RaShell on 2008-06-10

Swirls, spirals, twirly-thingamajigs. No matter how you call them – they’re some of my main doodling obsessions. See, other people may be perfectly happy with nice and smooth straight lines, but not me. I need my swirls. My lines have to turn and turn around until they stop in the middle of the cozy tight […]

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by RaShell on 2008-06-06

Moleskin journals, sketch- and notebooks are in a league of their own. They’re a cult, an institution. Countless artists, businessmen and just simply creative people like you and I buy these overpriced black books and join the ranks of Hemingway and Picasso. Btw, Moleskine’s webpage has a special place that proudly displays pages from celebrity-owned […]

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by RaShell on 2008-06-05

… aka Justin Van Hoy, churns out some seriously cool designs, prints, t-shirts and not surprisingly – doodles!!! I also like how he “plays nice” with type:

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