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by RaShell on 2008-11-25

Wood That Works is a collection of kinetic sculptures by physicist/artist David C. Roy. They look like doodles, made of wood and they MOVE!!!! More videos of Mr. Roy’s “working wood” on Youtube David’s Blog shows in great detail, how the artist comes up with ideas for his non-static masterpieces. Thanks to Lauren aka Creativecurio […]

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by RaShell on 2008-11-23

We already saw doodles as a perfect tool for public service advertising. Now, here’s more proof, this time in video: trittico from mapo_mapos on Vimeo. Circular Painting from Fly on the Wall on Vimeo.

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by RaShell on 2008-11-21

It seems Jim Bradshaw draws on anything and everything. He doesn’t discriminate between his fancy Moleskine, piece of cardboard or an old Zip Disk (remember those? ;)). And to tell you the truth, I don’t give a flying pig, what he doodles on… they’re all absolutely spectacular, let me tell yah: In Jim’s own words: […]

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by RaShell on 2008-11-20

Ok, kids, sit up straight, don’t fidget, I’ll tell you about this A+ website. Full of extra-credit creative activities and exciting homework. And guess what? You’re more than welcome (moreover – encouraged!) to doodle on your notebook’s margins. Between the lines and all over the pages is fine too. Really! Wondering why I all of […]

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by RaShell on 2008-11-18

Yey!!! I have some good news to report! * I made my very first sale to a lovely lady who owns an AlliesAdornments shop which features super feminine, pretty and elegant antique… well… adornments of all kinds. I love the way she presents them on top of hand-colored old photos so they practically become part […]

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by RaShell on 2008-11-18

I already wrote about famous people’s doodles. Now, right after the rush of political campaigning that resulted in the historical election, even the canditates’ doodles made the news You can read a story from Chicago Tribune about presiden-elect’s doodle that was sold at a charity auction some time ago: (via fellow Twitter Nic3496) Or watch […]

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