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by RaShell on 2009-03-12

I know that you guys will appreciate this kind of stuff: Naturally, me and my Crazy Teapots are more than happy to be part of it! Here they are in their post-coloring glory:

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by RaShell on 2009-03-11

Ha! I didn’t even have to come up with a catchy name for this one! It’s right there, in the store’s banner. In big bold letters – DISHFULS OF DOODLES. Mary Imig Gallimore is a Sheboygan, Wisconsin native and self-taught artist whose signature design originated in pencil on the back of a high school notebook. […]

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by Masha on 2009-03-10

The last day of the Design Indaba started Marian Bantjes who proceeded to make me most uncomfortable.? She held out a vision of how life could be that I found deeply disturbing. Work which is synonymous with love.? Drawing and writing, ornament and pattern.? And the promise that these are within reach if only one […]

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by RaShell on 2009-03-09

Here’s the thing. Post It Notes are not just a convenience when you need to mark things or jot down last minute ideas. They’re the ideal doodler-friendly medium. Small, bright, and easily accessible. Some simply decorate them while talking on the phone, others create elaborate setups and make the stacks of postits come alive with […]

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by RaShell on 2009-03-04

Her store is called “peculiar little fancy things” and that’s exactly what they are! Little “doodly” characters, enhanced with colorful “3D” details that make them not only peculiar but very special! She’s fascinated with narratives, so her drawings and paintings tend to tell stories, or suggest such, even without words. And certainly don’t miss Claire’s […]

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by RaShell on 2009-03-02

Ok, peeps, let me start by saying big fat THANK YOU to everybody who blogged, twitted, and emailed about the contest. It worked, the turnout was awesome and brought a ton of talented doodlers. Another THANK YOU to all the prize sponsors for their generosity and for beautiful art that they decided to share with […]

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