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by RaShell on 2009-06-08

Now, that I got my very own hard copy of this fine doodle-friendly publication, I can freely shout from the rooftops of all the doodling communities: IT IS SOOOOOOO COOOOL!!! Super-talented artist herself, Racheal Anilyse, created this incredible treasure box, an eye candy of epic proportions. I couldn’t put the damn thing down whole day until I was absolutely sure I read every article, studied every little detail in the design, and naturally covered the whole thing in very appropriate food/coffee stains (from being handled roughly @ the family dining table ;) ) Everything about it, the layout, the interviews, the guest artists, the whole feel of the Underground Art School‘s Magazine Sketchbook Issue, just sings to me, and it will to you too! Go, see the preview, buy a copy and enjoy!
Oh, btw, one of the Doodle for Love contest winners’ artwork is in it, as promised. And I did a whole spread featuring some of the greatest Post-Its artists of our times (this just sounds grand, doesn’t it? :) ). This Mag is a MUST HAVE for anybody who has even the slightest affection for the art of Doodling and Sketching, and I know for sure, that if you’re reading this, you’re more like addicts high-end connoisseurs ;-) So, what are you waiting for? INDULGE

June 8th, 2009 at 11:28 am
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    [...] Underground School Issue 3 – Out NOW [...]

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    Is it a hard copy or a PDF? I’m guessing a hard copy if yours has coffee stains on it now ;) It looks gorgeous!

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    Meldy Says:

    Mmmm it looks delicious!