just monkeying around…

by Leo on 2010-02-11

I’m sitting here with my Movado in one hand and a screwdriver in another. Why, you wonder?

Nope, I’m not going to doodle on the wristband.

Nope, I love my watch.

Nope, my watch is not broken. Yet.

I’m having my life flash before my eyes. My mom used to call me The Destroyer when I was five. The urge to take things apart was (and still is) bigger than me. The things were not meant to be taken apart by 5-year-olds, so this usually was the end of the things.

Thanks to Jose Geraldo Reis Pfau I’m about to dismember my watch. Which may or may not lead to turning it into a piece of art. The Brazilian is good. Just look at his miniature motorcycle sculptures constructed out of watch parts. Captivating…

Somebody tell me where I can get some junk watches… Before it’s too late!

February 11th, 2010 at 2:38 pm
5 Responses to “Watch Out!”
  1. 1
    Janna Says:

    These are really fascinating.

    I found your blog through Entrecard (in fact, you were the one I advertised from 6pm yesterday to 6pm today).
    I really love all the interesting artistic things you post.

    I’ll be back!

  2. 2
    Maria Says:

    The flea market! Dollar stores!

    Those are awesome models, by the way. You should post a picture of your first attempt… but not with the Movado.

  3. 3
    RaShell Says:

    Put your hands up in the air, and step away from the Movado!!!!!!
    Although, as I told you, I fully understand your desire to take apart those little things. As a kid, I was always messing with my grandpa-the-watchmaker’s box or spare parts. Of course, I was just trying to get the shiny little stones out of them 😉

  4. 4
    Natalie Says:

    Awesome site! I have tons of extra watches that I get for christmas every year. Now I know what to do with them!

  5. 5
    Anna Says:

    Those are so neat! I had to show my son. He’s the builder in the family – though he’s usually building and creating things with Lego. Old watches? Hmmm….