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by Leo on 2010-02-11

Bullet points from my art portfolio: Oil on canvas. Been there. Charcoal on plywood. Done that. Crayons on the wall. Deeply satisfying, but primitive. Urine on fresh snow. Seasonal, still perfecting my technique. Doesn’t leave much to imagination. Besides, being limited to just one color is boring. This coming winter I’ll start experimenting with drinking […]

February 11th, 2010 - 3:00 pm - Comments » 11

by RaShell on 2009-06-08

Now, that I got my very own hard copy of this fine doodle-friendly publication, I can freely shout from the rooftops of all the doodling communities: IT IS SOOOOOOO COOOOL!!! Super-talented artist herself, Racheal Anilyse, created this incredible treasure box, an eye candy of epic proportions. I couldn’t put the damn thing down whole day […]

June 8th, 2009 - 11:28 am - Comments » 3

by RaShell on 2009-06-08

Well, the things on the Doodling Battlefield are certainly heating up. The screen is burning with an abundance of awesome doodles of various mediums and sizes. The required “unconventional” doodles impress with creativity and surface choices: Some other unusual offerings include Julia’s free screensaver download, which can be viewed and snatched by clicking on the […]

June 8th, 2009 - 11:09 am - Comments » 1

by RaShell on 2009-05-08

Ok, the hardest part for this post was to pick, PICK SOMETHING ALREADY!!! There’s just SO MUCH overwhelmingly talented doodling going on, I can barely keep up watching (let alone doodling myself!!!) Check out all the unconventional materials our contestants are using! From latte’s foam to green tropical leaves, it’s like nothing you’ve seen before: […]

May 8th, 2009 - 2:35 pm - Comments » 6

by RaShell on 2009-05-01

Allrighty, the Doodle-Off competition, version 3 is officially in session. First doodles are being posted as well as some self-introductions from the participants. I will be posting weekly-roundups on Fridays from now on, but don’t be lazy, go to Doodle-Off Blog yourself, look, comment, critique, encourage, spread the word. If the first entries are of […]

May 1st, 2009 - 12:34 pm - Comments » 4

by RaShell on 2009-04-16

That’s right, I’m going away. So, while I’m gone, I want you to do at least 1 thing. Remember, I wrote about the group of extraordinary doodlers from around the world who were having some good time doodling for an honor of being called the best doodler? Well, YOU can be one of them pretty […]

April 16th, 2009 - 2:17 pm - Comments » 0